What is this all about?

Do you believe that you are a part of not just one community or one country, but to the entire world? We are all global citizens! My name is Jade Osborne, and I know that there are many of us out there, and I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!

Specializing in creative connections through the physical, my purpose has been to work with under-served groups of all ages to develop a powerful sense of self as well as connections and relationships with each other through physical movement, visual, literary and performance art. These physical connections and relationships open the creative neural paths to embrace situations in everyday life as an artist (an empowered creator). Why is acting as a creator or an artist important? It is through the expansion of thought, looking at the world differently, recognizing our own power and choosing to create our lives as we want that true change will take place.

Recognizing our own power, the control we have over our own life, and our ability to choose, are the first steps to creating an inspired community. Once we as members of a community recognize our individual power, we can find commonalities within and set goals as a greater community to make change…real, relational, creative change.

It is through the metaphorical creative process that the creative self is empowered, the connection to community is developed, and the underlying relational goals of are uncovered. If I have the opportunity to facilitate and witness the making of self-sustaining, deeply connected changes in the lives of others and in their communities, then I too, am connected.

The Global Citizen Projects listed here are community projects. My mission is to create connections and to share with communities everywhere. While sharing projects, workshops and skills internationally, I will also connect international communities and projects to each other through online communities and virtual classrooms. Communities sharing with each other is the most powerful Global Citizen Project we can facilitate.

It would be my pleasure to work with you and your community in any capacity. Please contact me to set up Global Citizen Projects in your community!