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Jade Osborne is a motivated and goal-oriented creative person who thrives in a diversely collaborative environment. She is passionate about the arts and the community and has had a long-term commitment to social work with community and educational arts emphases. Jade has had extensive experience in non-profit organizations as a program developer, facilitator and organizational manager.

As a creative enthusiast, Jade is a motivated, goal-oriented creative person who thrives in a diversely collaborative and educational environment.  She believes that each form of expression is a facet of the spherical self, combining perfectly as a whole. As a dancer, choreographer, spoken word artist, visual artist, capoeirista, and aerialist, Jade’s work interlaces multiple art forms and performance art techniques. Through this combination of cultural experimentation within classical structures and movement, ambiances emerge harmoniously from a clashing frenetic landscape.

After returning to Kansas City from college in New Orleans, Jade began creating space for her voice to be heard through self-produced spoken word and multi-media performances. She began studying Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian dance form, from professors and masters in the Midwest and in Brazil. In 2006, after years of training and teaching, Jade re-emerged on the performance circuit as a choreographer and dancer with Quixotic. In 2007, Jade began her training in aerial acrobatics with nationally renowned circus arts teacher, Lynn Coleman.

Jade has performed both nationally and internationally as a solo artist and with Voler – Thieves of Flight Performance Ensemble, and is currently on her Global Citizen Projects international tour exploring the world. If you would like to contact Jade for a performance or workshop booking or for more information, please email her at